Founder`s Edge

Mr. Alankar is a WARM HEARTED PERSON who follows an open door culture letting employee`s vent out their frustrations at any hour. He is always connected and makes sure to INSPIRE EVERYONE AROUND WITH DEDICATION AND HARD WORK.










Mr. Alankar Jadhav, in his latest avatar, is the soul behind her brainchild "RUHA". He has over two decades of experience across industry verticals as a professional and an entrepreneur. He is passionately involved in business operations and guides the division of various functional heads. With his managerial acumen and experienced insight, he is constantly driving the organization to greater heights.

Fresh out of college with a Automobile Engineering from SPS Satara. He donned two Post-Graduation: C-DAC from Tandom Trivandrum, ecommerce technology from I2IT Pune, He started JA Solutions with an aptitude for dedication and vision, he started Graphics Design & web development for brands like Bajaj Allianz , Pantaloon , Big Bazar, VFS India for Indian Ventures.

He not only did that successfully deployment, and this is when he started implementing 24X7ERP first Brand with Top Gear Transmission in the year 2006.

He then moved from Graphics Design to web based ERP solutions market and he got a chance to deploy ERP with organizations like Chitale Diary, Yantra Automation Pvt. Ltd. (REXCEL India), Natural Ice-cream, Kavitsu Transmissions Pvt. Ltd., Glowderma Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. & many more.

Serving ERP industry for approx. 10 years, he was closed down ERP division and started new venture One World Softeach Pvt. Ltd. branded as “SHARECONOMY” in industry space for unutilised industrial capacity utilization. Looking after day to day technological operation as a CTO. His experience and insight into technology and design made her carve an identity in the Industrial Space.

Year 2018 Joining TCL(Teaching Learning Community) thought process change drastically as a business we need to have an our won product which serve society betterment thought for developing CMS for rapid web development introduce RUHA. Helps to introduce Sports person , NGO, Individual celebrity & many more can showcase themselves to WWW…..

He is an avid reader who brings inexhaustible energy to the organization. He is always seen around boosting the morale of the employees, training them so that they work with the spirit of intrapreneurship. He is always seen campaigning the cause of leadership within the organization and has been instrumental in getting a client roster that boasts of names like Lions, VSSS, Keshaurved, Laser Automation and others. An active brainstormer, he ensures that employees use her experience in managing projects successfully. He can be likened to an architect who thinks and creates things with a difference.

Behind Mr. Alankar`s tough exterior, lies a kid who loves to enjoy life to the hilt. Having travelled across the globe. He also makes sure to have a gala time with his employees at picnics and birthday parties where he forgets that he is the boss. He is devoted to his family and considers every employee as its extended part. He works with passion and believes that everyone has been blessed with infinite virtues and powers from God, and that all we have to do is to understand our strengths and harness them into creating a positive and loveable world around us. If we can believe in it, we are half way through and God helps us in achieving our aims.